Anonymous: Do you like raw denim or stretch denim? And is there a favourite brand you have? Thanks

I prefer stretch denim personally cos I’m that kind of girl - but like the idea of raw and like it on girls who can pull that look off. Fave denim brands are Workshop Denim, Acne & Topshop. 


Tokyo | by Kim Marcelo
Anonymous: If you like Nars foundation, you might like Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation. I used to use Nars sheer glow and switched to the Armani which is similar but a slightly better formula I think.

Yes, I’ve been wanting to try the Giorgio Armani one there just isn’t a physical stockist in NZ I’m aware of. 

Anonymous: White pants you'd recommend?


Anonymous: Do you use Nars sheer glow or the matte version? And do you use translucent powder on top from getting oily?

Sheer glow. I don’t use anything on top re. oiliness, I just reapply/touch up if I’m going out after work or in the evenings.

Anonymous: What foundation do you use and would you recommend?

I use Nars and would really recommend it, though I’m actually quite keen to try the new YSL foundation; it’s the first time I’ve been tempted away from the Nars foundation in about 5 years. On top of my foundation I use YSL Touche Eclat to finish off. 

Also I have a friend who uses/has used a Chanel foundation which she said was very good.

Anonymous: Hi Sarah, you've got really nice hair, what products do you use?

Oh thanks, I actually feel like I’m in constant battle with it!! At the moment I am using Kerastase Specifique balancing shampoo almost daily with a Kerastase or Redken conditioner and then blow dry it, sometimes with a little Moroccan Oil through it. On the days I don’t wash my hair I dry shampoo it and then just tie it up in a bun. 

Anonymous: Do you like the Louis Vuitton neverfull in the monogram print?

Not my personal style but it is a nice classic.

Anonymous: Can you recommend any leather jackets between NZD 200-500?

Not really. If you want a really good one you’d probably be looking at $500 up. But have a look on ASOS or Zara - that’s where I’d look for a leather jacket in that price range. Good luck :)